Die Unberührbare/Nowhere to go

The tracklisting:
1. Rick Hollow - Kiss (Original Soundtrack Title)
2. The Paralyzers - Devil in Disguise (Original Sountrack Title)
3. Rick Hollow - Li'l Miss waitress (Bonustrack)

'Nowhere to go', the new production of cult director Oskar Roehler, tells the story of famous writer Hanna Flanders and her life after the end of the Berlin wall. Using Hitchcock-type light- and camera tricks he’s able to create a very stylish Sixties atmosphere. The black and white 35mm film is an impressive example of how nicely photographed cinema can be in the year 2000.
The actors are first class as well: Hannelore Elsner, Charles Regnier, Vadim Glowna, Jasmin Tabatabai to name but a few and the soundtrack is very unusual too: Fifties style rockers Rick Hollow and The Paralyzers are included with one track each. The film has been nominated for the Cannes film festival and in the meantime is sold for worldwide release.

Hannah Flanders
(Hannelore Elsner)
Joachim (Michael Gwisdeck) and Hannah Flanders
(Hannelore Elsner)
Hannah Flanders (Hannelore Elsner) and Bruno (Vadim Glowna)

Photos: Courtesy of Distant Dreams ©2000

M.E.L.T. - Alpha et Omega

The tracklisting:
2.Alpha et omega (Original TV Version)
3.Steps (Original TV Version)
4.Follow my voice (Original TV Version)
6.This side of the truth
7.The mystery of foreign affairs
NEW Highlander TV Series Season 5
ON AIR SINCE 13th Feb. 1998

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Arne Klewitz - Drums
Christian Huhndorf - Bass, Vox
Frederic Hauschild - Guitars, Vox, Keyboards
Marcus Testory - Vox, Guitars, M.I.N.G.

M.E.L.T. - A European band expressing their respect and adoration for the earth in their music and work, influenced by the members' different cultures, taste, origin and experiences, their passion for nature, mysteries, the celtic culture. The music may be described as Gothic Grunge as well as the result of anything ever happening in popular rock culture. M.E.L.T. singer Markus Testory plays Caspian, the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse, in the international TV-series Highlander - the Series Year V. The M.E.L.T. titles Alpha et omega, Steps and Follow my voice are included in the TV-Soundtrack. Testory is former member of the gothic band A Wedding Anniversary, well known for the radio hit, 'The Man from the hills'.