The beauty of vintage sound for studio perfectionists and audiophile listeners:

• Wonderfully designed high quality equipped studio
• 50 qm recording room, real wood floor for perfect sound
• Sound absorbing area featuring the legendary Phantom Acoustics Bass Absorbers
• 20 guitars (Gretsch, Gibson, De Armond and lots of additional vintage beauties)
• Several drumsets (Ludwig Ringo Starr Set, Trixon Speed fire, Slingerland Gene Krupa)
• Huge vintage microphone and vintage percussion selection

Only the finest components are used to guarantee truely thrilling recording results:

• Phonosophie & Rotel amplifiers
• Expolinear, T&A & ATL loudspeakers
• Music Wave cables
• Tube driven recording technology

You can choose between 15 different headphone types: AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica and many more - we are proud to present the collectors item Air Motion Transformer headphones for incredibly detailed sound.